RPO Mesmerizes Audience at NCU

Calming, soothing, refreshing, melodious… are words that vaguely capture the elegance of the evening of Thursday September 13, 2012 at Northern Caribbean University’s main auditorium. The UK-based, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO), on their first tour to the West Indies, delivered masterful performances from composers such as Mozart, Johan Bach, and Massenet.

Former Prime Minister, the Honourable P.J. Patterson was a part of the sold out audience and had this to say, “the presentation was, simply put, superb…”

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Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Falls In Love With Jamaica

“…Benjamin Pope, composer of last Saturday evening’s presentation from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO), said, “We (the RPO members) were discussing this earlier and we are universal in our feeling that this is the best tour that we have ever been on,”

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Alpha Boys’ Home Gets An Orchestral Treat

” The young men at the Alpha Boys’ Home got quite a treat on Friday when they were paid a visit by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO)…

“It is so good that you can play all day,” said the director for the Alpha Boys’ Band, who had no qualms requesting song after song.

The RPO workshop leader, James Redwood, also got the boys involved, as he had them singing the Negro spiritual song Wade In The Water. Redwood was quite passionate and expressive as he sang and conducted.”

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Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Leaves Mandeville Spellbound

 “Classical music aficionados came out in their numbers to witness this historic occasion as it was the first time the world-renowned orchestra was performing in the Caribbean.

The people in attendance included Percival James Patterson, former prime minister of Jamaica; Sally Porteous, custos of Manchester; Brenda Ramsay, mayor of Mandeville; Audley Shaw, member of parliament for North East Manchester; and the parish’s elite.

As the orchestra, with conductor Benjamin Pope, started off the evening with the playing of the national anthem, it was evident that great things were to come – the audience was already spellbound..”

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RPO conducts Workshops with the NYOJ

“James Redwood, creative workshop coordinator and member of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, engaged the students in a series of warm-up exercises which taught them to recognise pitch and range.

The workshop, organised by The National Youth Orchestra of Jamaica (NYOJ), was filled with students proudly brandishing violins, cellos and trumpets, instruments which only lost the attention of the youngsters when Redwood spoke.”

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RPO and NYOJ on Smile Jamaica

Ruth Currie – Head of Community and Education at the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Dr. Nigel Clarke – Chairman, NYOJ discuss the significance of the orchestra’s visit to Jamaica.

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The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Is Here And Excited

 “The prestigious Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) arrived in Jamaica in celebratory mode. Arriving on the same flight as the Jamaican Olympians and being serenaded by the Alpha Boys Band on Monday evening appears to have heightened the spirits of the world-renowned orchestra, which will perform on Jamaican soil for the first time.”

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Mozart to Meet Marley

” Under the baton of conductor Benjamin Pope, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) has delighted audiences the world over with its enchanting classical repertoire, and this week, the musical magic comes to The Rock.”

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RPO Arrives Tomorrow

 “THE United Kingdom-based Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) will be arriving in Jamaica tomorrow for two fundraising concerts.”

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Dr. Shirley J. Thompson – Cutting-Edge Music Composer

” Born and brought up in east London to Jamaican parents, Dr Shirley J. Thompson has gained a reputation for her innovative approach in 21st-century composition, fusing classical and popular music styles with elements of her cultural heritage… After working with the RPO over several years, she will tour with the renowned orchestra to Jamaica for an unprecedented series of concerts on September 13 and 15 and educational workshops. Her special composition, Jamaica Skies, symbolising the Jamaican striving for excellence, will be featured at this event.”

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