The NYOJ aims to facilitate the social
and personal development of at risk youths by fulfilling the following goals:

  • To provide classical music lessons to students free of charge.
  • To recruit music instructors to participate in the program.
  • To select motivated students who are enthusiastic about new opportunities.
  • To build social cohesiveness, develop self-esteem and self-awareness in our participants.
  • To fill our students’ spare time with positive instruction and opportunities for personal growth, decreasing the likelihood of involvement in or victimisation from violent or criminal entities.
  • To contribute to the social advancement and well being of the participants and their families.
  • To engage participants’ families and other community members by involving them in volunteer positions in the program.
  • To establish additional youth orchestras, maintaining the same objectives, in other sections of the inner city in Kingston and in more cities across the island.


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